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SAMAP HI380/55 Commercial Mill

AUD $9,900.00 each


Please note - Prices are subject to change with exchange rate at the time of ordering.  Please contact us to confirm current pricing and disucss different model options.

This solidly constructed SAMAP commercial mill produces an outstanding quality flour, its output and ability to produce a really fine flour is second to none. It was developed especially for these qualities. (Genuine stone milled flour is light and fluffy). The mill stones are made up of natural stone components and are extra hard and should not need to be re-dressed, however, are easily replaceable. The mill housing is made up of anodized aluminium.

The robust 4KW, 5.5 HP 380v motor runs on 3 phase and is protected by a cut-out switch. The ammeter helps find the optimum feed setting for the chosen setting of flour fineness. Adjusting the fineness is simply done by turning the upper part of the mill. Use this mill to create wholemeal flour for the production of all bakery and pasta goods.


Extra hard natural stone (NAXOS Emery) is embedded in stabilized magnesite cement. The stones hardly wear at all in use but are nevertheless simple to change. They match each other perfectly being ground in at the factory. The diameter of the stones are 200 mm and have turning speed of 2800 RPM.

Grain In-feed:
The grain falls by its own weight through the fixed upper mill stone into the milling chamber between the stones. An agitating spindle projects through the inlet opening to prevent clogging or bridging of the grain. The inlet opening is adjustable in size, being varied to adjust for different grain sizes and different flow speeds required. The Commercial SAMAP mills all kinds of grain and also dried peas and maize. Oily seeds cannot be milled.

Regulation Of Degree Of Fineness:
Infinitely variable from very coarse to very fine by turning the upper part of the mill. A locked screw holds the setting at the chosen degree of fineness.

Flour Ejection:
The flour is carried out of the milling chamber by a strong stream of air which also cools the mill stones. The flour passes through a special casting which separates the flour from the air.

Mill Performance:
At the finest setting, between 80/100 kg per hour (200 kg/h when using the coarsest setting).

Mill Chamber Casting:
Aluminium in food quality - particularly hard through deep anodizing which gives the grey colour.

Hopper Capacity:
40 kg approximate wheat capacity.

3 phase, 4kw , 5.5 HP 380v motor - With Protection cut-out switch + Ammeter

There is a 2 Year Guarantee on Motor and Milling Parts.

Height Base Size Weight Motor Performance
135cm 85cm x 60cm 80kg Approx. N/A 80kg to 200kg per hour

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