Good & Bad Salt

There’s Good Salt and there’s Bad Salt. Do You Know the Difference?

“Eating the good salt, (hand-harvested Sea Salt) makes it easier for the heart to contract and pump…”Dr. Jacques de Langre PhD. (Californian Biochemist and one of the World’s leading proponents of Natural Sea Salt.)

“A basic lack of knowledge has for years promoted the belief that all salt is bad for you!”

The 20th Century belief that avoiding salt will help you live longer has been sadly misunderstood. Consequently, the health food establishment has inadvertently gone along with this widely promoted premise and as a result they solemnly tell you that avoiding salt will help lead you to better health and well being. Overwhelming scientific research now shows that for most of us, it definitely WILL NOT! What is not understood is that…. a low-salt diet for the treatment of High Blood Pressure has been based on research regarding commercially refined table salt intake. The detrimental effects of such a salt have been well documented. Unfortunately this is only a temporary measure not a long-term solution to a balanced blood pressure reading.

  • A salt restrictive diet can actually raise or even lower your blood pressure. Many young adults that have lacked the balance of a Good Salt from early childhood actually suffer from low blood pressure
  • “A lack of salt can cause accelerated aging cellular degeneration, and ‘biochemical starvation.”
  • A lack of salt can impede the proper organ functioning within the human system. Chronic conditions such as weakened kidney’s, stressed liver and massive adrenal exhaustion can result due the absence of a good salt
  • On a salt free diet, the valves of your heart muscle can tire, due to a lack of essential minerals and trace elements found in a high potency good quality salt
  • “Magnesium is needed for the pumping action of the heart.”
  • The healing powers of good salt equal those of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and many other nutrients in the health food stores

The prevailing viewpoint of modern medicine is that salt is bad and must be eliminated from the diet, like alcohol and tobacco. People have been taught since childhood that “salt causes high blood pressure”. The truth is that Hand Harvested Sea Salt naturally contains an abundance of essential macro-nutrients. In 100% natural salt there are over 80 trace elements that act a buffer to protect us from sodium chloride retention, consequently natural sea salt can actually lower blood pressure, because it removes the excess sodium from the tissues once it has completed its role within the cells matrix.


To present the case for ‘The Good Salt’, we have gathered information from several of the world’s leading proponents of salt, like Dr Jacques de Langre the renowned Californian Biochemist. Dr de Langre dedicated over 30 years of study and research to the health benefits of Salt (especially 100% Pure “NATURAL SEA SALT “) He has a Ph. D., in biochemistry from the University of Brussels. Dr de Langre recommends a special, unrefined naturally Hand Harvested Sea Salt for all people with high blood pressure and heart problems. His approach defies orthodox medical logic. The opinions of Dr de Langre are obviously 100% counter to established medical beliefs. None, not even unorthodox doctors, go as far as Dr de Langre, in his universal recommendations for the good salt. Dr de Langre openly agrees that refined salt (pure sodium chloride) is detrimental to the body, and can cause high blood pressure. Yet he believes Hand Harvested Sea Salt is extremely healthy, and has the opposite effect of refined salt (or other manufactured sea salts).

“The entire health field is very sloppy with its terminology on salt. They think all salt is the same. This is far from the truth. Most refined salts are a poison. But some natural salts are a nutritious and essential food.”

In America and here in Australia, majority of doctors condemn salt. They take heart patients off salt, whereas in France, they give heart patients Hand-Harvested Sea Salt.

“Real, True SEA SALT can actually help people with High Blood Pressure.”Dr Bruce West Carmel,California, U.S.A.

“The use of hand-harvested Sea Salt will go a long way towards helping ailing joints.”Health Alert Vol 10, Issue 11

“Hand Harvested Sea Salt can act as a magnesium tonic.”R. M. Touyz


The heart muscle works harder on a low salt diet. A salt free, vegetarian diet can cause kidney, respiratory and blood sugar problems. Due to the excessive intake of greens (high in potassium) and no salt, an imbalance of sodium and potassium occurs. Eating a proper, well-balanced salt, can help cleanse the plaque off blood vessel walls.

In Australia there’s a range of coarse salts available on the market, however, we invite you to compare our quality. The Original Salt of the Earth is BFA Certified. All testing is by NATA registered laboratories and tested to the lowest detectable limit. The Good Salt Certified is frequently tested for Heavy Metals and Pesticide Residues to ensure its quality both here in Australia and France.

The basic roles of hand-harvested seas salt

“Real SEA SALT is a matrix of all the elements that are the basis of our very make up as humans.” – Dr Bruce West MD

“Hand-Harvested SEA SALT lowers the blood pressure because it removes the excess sodium from the tissues”Dr De Langre MD

“High blood pressure lies not in salt intake but in an overactive hormone system”Dr John H Laragh MD Cornell University Medical Centre

Our bodies contain three internal Oceans that closely resemble the ionic balance of sea water. Each one of these complex solutions surrounds and circulates through our bodies. Sea salt contains all of the precious minerals our bodies need. These minerals make this type of salt a vital necessity. In the salty environment of amniotic fluid the human embryo grows over three billion times in weight. From the moment of conception onwards, humans are never without the need for salt. Sea Salt is indeed…The Salt of Life!

The research of Dr. John H. Laragh, M.D. and Dr. Mark S.. Pecker, M.D. at the Hypertension Centre of the Cornell University Medical Centre, shows that the High Blood Pressure problem lies not in salt intake but in an overactive hormone system. When this system is overactive, renin levels, are excessively high indicating a physiological need for salt. Consequently, salt starvation could occur if the patient is put on a low salt diet. On the other hand, low renin levels, which occur only in a third of hypertensive people, actually reveals sodium excess. Common salt lacks the many trace minerals provided by natural sea salt, because during the refining process it is stripped of all its trace minerals. These minerals are then sold to the chemical industry or to pharmaceutical companies to make dietary supplements at a large profit.

In order to make the colour of the salt white, many other sea salt products are washed and recrystallised. Again, in this process valuable trace minerals are lost. Geographical orientation of the coastline also plays an important part in the quality of naturally extracted Sea Salt. The ocean water is channelled daily into pristine ponds, edged with natural waterways, wild grasses and other green plants.

The wind and sun evaporate the sea water, leaving rich brine. The live flowing mixture is briskly stimulated by the local salt farmer’s actions, and within hours the sparkling crystals form and are gathered in an age old method, by hand.

The salt fields of North West France are lined with a natural layer of clay and sand. If concrete lined beds are used, as in the artificial production of refined salt, the efflorescence of the cement pollutes and loads the salt with toxins.

Precious minerals working together – Coaction

Proper electrolyte balance in the body is achieved by maintaining relatively high potassium content inside the cell and a high sodium concentration in the fluid outside the cell (extracellular fluid). Though potassium and sodium are the two major electrolytes found in the human body, many other elements are required for normal physiological function. Trace elements, found in sea water and in natural hand-harvested sea salt, work to maintain proper function of the body’s systems. This unique combination of nutrients plays an important role in safe guarding good health. If any one element is left out or diminished, a link in an important chain will be missing and the organism will suffer. These elements work to regulate optimum body function by ensuring that our internal oceans are never short-changed of trace nutrients.

“During the salt’s refining process it is stripped of all its natural trace minerals”

“Calcium must be obtained from the diet everyday in order to build a strong skeleton” “Without a sufficiency of magnesium present, calcium is not retained and passes through, unabsorbed.”

“The artificial iodine added to commercial table salt when eaten in excess can inhibit the proper functioning of the Thyroid gland”

“Dehydrated sea water contains over 80 elements, most of them vitally required for the human body to function.”

An excerpt from an interview with Dr. Jacques de Langre.

Question: In your research on the real value of sea salt you quote that a healthy and active lifestyle demands an adequate intake of salt, is that true?

Dr De Langre: “If your tears weren’t salty, if your sweat wasn’t salty…you wouldn’t be functioning very well. The current medical belief that our body can function on no salt at all, or on a restricted salt intake, causes more problems than it tries to solve. You can’t function without salt. Healthy organ function is depending on good quality nutrition. Good quality Sodium is the predominant cation in circulating blood plasma and tissue fluids. Derek Denton brought out this point in the medical physiology book, ‘Hunger for salt’. People forget everyone was born in a saline solution, our Mother’s amniotic fluid. This is probably the best biological proof we have that the cellular structure is enhanced by salt.”

This is an examination of Worldwide research with excerpts from the Newsletter of Advanced Therapies published by the University of Natural Healing Virginia, USA.