Salt of the Earth ensures the purest of celtic sea salt possible by only importing salt harvested under the strict standards of “Nature et Progres” of Europe. This certificate is achieved through small scale production in the salt-water marshes of the Atlantic. The sea water flows directly from the ocean where salt crystallizes on a clay surface by the natural process of evaporation by the sun and the wind then collected by hand. Artificial processes such as washing, the addition of chemicals, bleaching, anti-binders and other artificial additives are strictly forbidden.

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Nature ProgresAre you getting what you paid for?

To ensure you are getting what you paid for consider the following criteria:

  1. It is important to check the salts Mineral Analysis is available. If this is not available I would question its integrity.
  2. Hand Harvested Coarse Sea Salt naturally retains moisture. If the Salt appears dry anti-caking agents have been added.
  3. If the crystals are large and clear the product has been washed and therefore is no better than refined table salts.
  4. No matter what label is given to cheap salt it is merely a by-product that contains not much more than Sodium Chloride which has been massed produced to save money.
  5. Prior to purchasing, ask if they test for pesticide residues, have they got a mineral analysis, do they have any information on sea salt?
  6. You can be guaranteed that Salt of the Earth’s Hand Harvested Celtic Sea Salt contains all of the benefits throughout this website. 100% Organically Hand Harvested with no additives, just as nature intended.