Beware of cheap Imitations

To ensure you are getting what you paid for consider the following criteria:

  1. A naturally harvested unwashed salt contains irregular crystals with sharp edges. Look out for washed salt that appears rounded and semitransparent. Just because it’s a pretty colour doesn’t mean you’re getting a whole salt complete with ALL the minerals that should be there.
  2. Salt is naturally hygroscopic. This means it will attract moisture from the air. This is why refined salt contains Aluminum Silicate as an anti-caking agent, to keep it dry and free flowing. Although convenient it is not something we should consume. Some varieties of salts market themselves as a natural product, however, come dry and do not attract moisture from their air. Do the melt check – in a humid environment, place a crystal of salt of the bench. If this does not contain any anti-caking agents in a humid environment the crystal will begin to melt throughout the day.
  3. Salt flakes are produced by boiling salt water for 15 hours until it forms pyramid like flakes. This looks attractive and delicate, however, what minerals would be left after such intense boiling?
  4. The reason our Celtic Sea Salt works so well is because of the natural balance of minerals from the ocean is the same as our own bodies saline solution. We are not designed to consume pure Sodium Chloride which is why refined salt has caused so many health concerns over the years. Some salts that are mined from the mountains are from old oceans. This salt has travelled through the mountains collecting minerals over thousands of years. This dramatically alters the precious mineral balance leaving pockets completely inedible.
  5. When choosing a salt, you should be aware of the country of origin. What food standards are in place in this country and are they monitored by any Organic standards. Our Celtic Sea Salt holds approval by “Nature et Progres” in Europe. As part of this approval, regular testing for mineral balance and heavy metal pollutants must to be performed ensuring its purity.
  6. Not all salts are equal… Some salts may be marketed as Sea Salt, however, are no more than a refined product. Why pay a premium price and to receive a refined salt?
  7. Do the taste test… You will notice the difference yourself. Our Celtic Sea Salt has a subtle flavour that melts in your mouth and stimulates your saliva glands.