Salt and Water

In the holistic wellness field, few figures command as much respect and admiration as Barbara O’Neill. Renowned for her dedication to natural health and education, Barbara’s insights are a beacon for those seeking to optimize their well-being. Among her many teachings, Barbara O’Neill offers profound wisdom on the delicate connection between salt and water in the human body. Throughout this blog we discuss the invaluable lessons inspired by Barbara O’Neill’s understanding of salt and water balance.

Understanding the Relationship Between Salt and Water

At the core of Barbara O’Neill’s teachings lies a profound recognition of the essential relationship between salt and water for maintaining optimal health. Salt, often unfairly maligned in modern diets, serves as a cornerstone of cellular function, nerve transmission, and fluid regulation. Conversely, water is indispensable for hydration, cellular processes, and detoxification. Barbara emphasizes that achieving a harmonious balance between these two elements is paramount for supporting the body’s intricate physiological mechanisms and fostering overall well-being.

Hazards of Excessive Table Salt Intake

Barbara O’Neill raises awareness about the perils associated with excessive consumption of refined table salt. Unlike its unprocessed counterparts, refined table salt undergoes extensive purification processes that strip it of its natural minerals and introduce additives like anti-caking agents and artificial iodine. This highly refined salt can disrupt the delicate sodium-potassium equilibrium within the body, contributing to conditions such as hypertension, fluid retention, and electrolyte imbalances. Barbara cautions against the hidden dangers of overindulging in table salt and advocates for healthier alternatives.

Exploring Celtic Sea Salt as a Superior Option

In her teachings, Barbara O’Neill frequently praises the benefits of Celtic Sea Salt as a superior alternative to refined table salt. Harvested from pristine ocean waters using the sun and the wind, Celtic Sea Salt retains its rich array of naturally occurring minerals. Unlike its refined counterpart, this unrefined salt contains essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and trace elements, which are vital for maintaining optimal health. Barbara suggests that incorporating Celtic Sea Salt into one’s diet can support proper hydration, cellular function, and electrolyte balance.

Achieving Optimal Salt and Water Balance

Barbara O’Neill recommends adopting a diet centered around whole, unprocessed foods, abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables, which naturally provide potassium and other essential minerals. Additionally, Barbara recommends prioritizing the consumption of pure, filtered water to support hydration and facilitate the detoxification processes. Barbara recommends taking a crystal of Celtic Sea Salt and placing this on your tongue, this causes your mucus membranes to start absorbing the minerals and the magnesium is taken to your cell membrane. Then as you drink your water the magnesium pulls the water inside the cell.  This is the quickest way to hydrate your body. By embracing mindful dietary choices and hydration practices, individuals can empower themselves to nurture their body’s innate equilibrium and thrive.


Barbara O’Neill’s teachings on salt and water balance serve as a guiding light for those seeking to cultivate vibrant health and well-being. Through her profound insights, individuals gain a deeper understanding of the vital role that salt and water play in sustaining optimal physiological function. By incorporating Barbara’s wisdom into their lifestyle choices, individuals can embark on a transformative journey towards holistic wellness. As we honour Barbara O’Neill’s wisdom, let us continue to embrace her teachings and empower ourselves to live our best lives.

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