Our Family Business

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Based on the beautiful Gold Coast, Salt of the Earth (Australia) Pty Ltd is a small family business trading for over 30 years.  A husband and wife team, Brad & Sheree Beach who have been working together at Salt of the Earth since 2000.  When you pick up the phone to give us a call it will be Sheree or Brad on the other end of the line. As small business owners we believe in the quality of our Celtic Sea Salt and have received lots of feedback over the years of the positive impacts it has had on so many of our customer’s lives.  In fact we love hearing your stories and would be grateful if you would like to share your story with us as well. With our years of knowledge and experience we are always happy to talk to customers and help them with any questions or concerns they are having.

It is the personal touches and direct contact with the owners of a small family business that cannot be replicated by the larger companies.

So where did it all start…  My mother in-law Gail is a researcher, she enjoys looking into the finer details and is always on a quest for products to support a healthy lifestyle.  In 1989 an era where salt was the cause of all health concerns and everyone was using refined salt, she came across Celtic Sea Salt, unrefined and rich with all of the naturally occurring minerals from the ocean.  It was clear that Australia needed to be aware there was an alternative to refined salt we had all been consuming.  Gail was the pioneer in educating Australia the difference between refined salt and a fully mineralized Celtic Sea Salt.  She began Salt of the Earth running sourdough bread baking classes and building awareness of the health benefits of adding a Celtic Sea Salt to your diet.

As Gail was ready to move on to new things Brad joined the team.  Together as mother and son they developed our unique method of manufacturing our Stone Ground Fine Celtic Sea Salt.  Still to today we produce the best quality Fine Celtic Sea Salt on the market here in Australia using the Original Coarse Celtic Sea Salt imported from France.

When supporting our Australian owned family business you know that every bag of salt sold goes back into boosting the Australian economy, creating jobs and ultimately supporting a family grow.  Our son Ky loves AFL while our daughter Amber enjoys Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop dancing.  It is you our customers who enable us to provide our children with these simple pleasures.

In times like this it is not only Australian Made products that Australians should be supporting it is also Australian Owned businesses who pay taxes to our great country.  Supporting local enterprise means more than just supporting the one company.  There is a direct flow on effect to the local economy which stretches from our staff, box, labels & bag suppliers, delivery drivers, marketing experts and much more.

We are also grateful to support an Australian Disability Enterprise, Synergy Group. By outsourcing our packaging to Synergy Group we are able to help create employment opportunities for people living with a permanent disability in food processing and packaging. Not only are they able to learn new skills & experience to undertake a variety of tasks in a safe and supported working environment, it also enables supported employees who are able, to receive accredited TAFE qualifications.

So a big thank you to all of you, our dedicated customers for supporting our Australian family business! 🙂